The Reproduction Department provides reproductions of artworks from the ALBERTINA Museum's collections (Graphic Art Collection, Architectural Collection, Photographic Collection, permanent loans) and grants permission to reproduce artworks. 



The artworks from the ALBERTINA Museum holdings are archived as digital images, ectachrome and B/W negatives. For a fee, the ALBERTINA Museum provides

  • digital images
  • photographs (B/W, color) from existing digital data
  • photographs (B/W) from existing negatives.

Ectachromes can be rented; a rental fee will be charged. All new reproductions are produced as digital images. 


All ALBERTINA Museum reproductions are the property of the ALBERTINA Museum and are copyright protected. Permission from the ALBERTINA Museum is required each time the reproduction is used, published or transferred to a third party. The amount of the utilization fee depends on the intended use, the type of publication, number of copies, number of languages, circulation, etc. Copyrights of the artists and their legal successors remain unaffected. 



Reproduction inquiries and applications for reproduction permission are to be sent to the Reproduction Department by e-mail or post. Please include details about the requestor, the artwork, the desired graphical material and the intended use.
After your inquiry has been processed, you will receive an offer with conditions and cost breakdown.



Dr. Ingrid Kastel
T +43 1 534 83 450

Terms and Conditions

Albrecht Dürer | Wing of a Roller, around 1500 | © The Albertina Museum, Vienna
Albrecht Dürer | Wing of a Roller, around 1500 | © The Albertina Museum, Vienna